BSides Reykjavík

Join us for Reykjavík's only free community driven cybersecurity conference

What is BSides Reykjavík you ask? We are a chapter, local to Reykjavik, Iceland, of a global organization called BSides Security. BSides’ mission is to organize free cybersecurity conferences that are community-driven, and technically oriented (rather than salesy).

BTW the conference is completely free and financed by donations from our fabulous sponsors, so everyone should be able to afford to attend.

Are you wondering why an Icelandic organization has an English-only website and all posts are in English? It’s actually a part of our charter and it is based on our core values of inclusion and diversity. We recognize that there are many who might benefit from attending our events but do not speak Icelandic, even if they live in Iceland. On the other hand, we believe that all those that might attend have a strong enough English to be able to benefit from the event.

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